Ralph & Val: Totally Spectacular

Marlene & Allan: Fantastic, Brilliant Photog.

Lynn: Brilliant

David: Truly Amazing, just great

David: Very well done

Brian: Brilliant

Janet: Thank you, superb

Jo: Thanks, we loved it!

Janet: Special!!

Helen: Great stuff!

Jenny: Excellent film

A.N.: Awe inspiring film

Roma: Excellent show

Bob: Excellent show

Julie-Anne: A visual feast

Emilia: Mind blowing, I am lost for words

Eve (6 years old): It was cool! It was beautiful

Ann: A wonderful production of the Flinders Ranges!

Val: Excellent, not to be missed

Rex: 3D very effective / I'm sure I could reach out and touch things

Ruth: Absolutely stunning, thank you!

Luke: All the best for on going development

Andrew & Jacqui: Fantastic hope to see more

Dennis & Maria: Awesome & beautiful. Well done

Wilma & Ron: Wonderful, wonderful!!

Peter: Thank you v much

Edda: Magnificent insights & experiences

Glenda: Keep following your dreams

Roman: Fantastic, I've been there but not like that

Chris: Truly spectacular... The use of scale is so impressive

David: Just brilliant!

Tim & Gaye: Absolutely awesome!

Kathy & Allan: Amazing!

Virgina: Please keep me informed of future screenings

Jonathan: Wonderful and best wishes for the future applications

Mick: Well done / fantastic

Dan: Inspiring to see another stereo-photographer committed to a cause

Kay: How great though Art!

Dina: Congratulations, I have always loved the Flinders Ranges, felt like I was there again

Milton: Inform me of a screening in S.A. & I'll tell a mineral group

Judith: What a combination, the stunning Flinders Ranges AND 3D!! just loved it & feel privileged to have seen it. I'll be on the lookout for your future work


Caroline: i would love to see it again and again !!  it is SO AMAZING !!!

your work is fantastic, you have an excellent eye !!  It was GR 8 to meet you and view "Standing in Amazement."

Caty: I really enjoyed your 'amazing' film on Tues night - so much so it kept taking over my dreams all night.

Good luck with your endeavours.  Truly inspiring.

David: Tim thanks again for the show last night....I thought it was just brilliant!!

Ken: I was fortunate to attend your presentation on Sat.

It was very exhilarating and encouraging.

Your skills, passion and presentation was great.

I hope that you will see a way that this presentation can be shown regularly.

We visited on Sat with 10 friends and they are still talking about it

Nance: I went with a girlfriend last night and we were so inspired we're definitely going to come up to Arkaroola later in the year

Thanks again - the technology was amazing!

Niki: Your film was the first time ever that I've felt a picture or video came close to representing the immensity and depth of the landscape. This is an amazing achievement that should not go unrecognised.

The film was so engaging that even my four year old daughter was motivated to 'ask' questions, or probably more aptly make statements. To engage people of all ages and levels is another great achievement of your work.

the technical brilliance of your work is inspiring and I deeply appreciate your inclusion of information about the mining of Mt Gee, environmental threats to the area and politics involved.

I wish you all the very best for the future and hope you are well supported in all that you do.

Phil: This is a must, must, must see! Have seen it before – it is truly awe-inspiring.


Bronte: I think a lucky few witnessed a very speacial event. The combination of (well integrated) expert comment from the three panellists, with Tim Baier's simply astonishing imagery, was very powerful indeed. Tim's technical and creative genius is nothing less than world-class...and his passion, infectious. It was a privilege to be there

Robyn: The event was fabulous, the content amazing

Deb: I absolutely loved the presentation. I had no idea it was such am interesting area and now want to visit. The speakers were brilliant, never boring, ears pricked up the whole time. The only part I felt could have been added was an historical indigenous moment as appranelt the arkarrui (serpent like snake came out and brought the minerals from below and formed a range near some mineral special area....

Hendrik: This event was simply stunning! Well organised, friendly, topical and informative

John: We should work out a way this can be displayed again

Nathan: Thought it was an amazing experience. One of the best presentations I've ever seen

Chris: I hope the audio input from the panel can be recorded and combined with the film for public viewing